The restaurant in Cracow presenting modern cuisine in the popular version, as well as the exclusive one.


PINO – 4 Szczepańska St.

Located in the very centre of Cracow, PINO is a restaurant of a metropolitan look, which brings to mind the style of the restaurants in London and New York City.
As a hybrid of flavours and forms, PINO combines what is regional with what is global, sophisticated with popular and official with casual.

PINO has a modern, open kitchen that enables our guests to look into modern culinary art, as well as a brick stove, in which pizza is made everyday according to the original Italian recipe.

PINO is a positive and casual atmosphere and reliable, professional service. That is why, it is a perfect place for having a good time with afternoon coffee, enjoying romantic dinner, or business meeting.

PINO is tasty, friendly and trendy.