PINO’s menu is the fusion of well known and popular meals (steaks, pastas, pizzas, burgers) and meals of the highest quality that aim for perfection (based on seafood, fish, giblets, the most delicate meets). Both the former and the latter are distinguished by our care for detail: regional, fresh and aromatic ingredients, the best culinary techniques and the attractive serving. In our menu you will also find vegetarian positions, as well as health and colourful meals for kids.

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Krzysztof Salawa

The kitchen that I like means simple flavours that after being combined in a proper way give a spectacular effect. I am inspired by the Scandinavian style – light, simple, deriving from tradition, but also very modern. PINO is a simple kitchen, but also untypical one, regional but with European taste, modern, but also with the sense of tradition.

Krzysztof Salawa, Executive Chef in PINO TWITTER